Scorpio Horoscope 2014

Scorpio Horoscope 2014

The most typical quality of Scorpions is self-confidence, which helps them make decisions and more importantly thanks to which they know what they want. Their persistence and courageousness comes in especially handy in their vindictiveness that can cause them various troubles and create enemies.

At the beginning of the year you will have to make every effort to spot the enemy among your friends. Your vindictiveness will find the enemy so you can see him even where he is not. Therefore, be very careful to whom you listen to and verify every source of information. Identification of a wrong culprit could have very bad consequences. After solving these problems, you will have time to enjoy some relax, and therefore it is right time for your hobbies and pastimes, partner and friends. Although you are in time of peace, watch out for your rivals at work. They could de gossiping about you or harm you somehow.

The second half will be very pleasant at the beginning because you are about to get a reward. It will be in a form of praise, finance or promotion at work. It will bring new energy and you will have many new plans and targets in your mind, which you will feel urge to fulfil this year. Those plans will be interrupted by problems of your beloved ones, which will affect you directly. Therefore, you will be occupied with solving their problems and not yours. Do not let the problems to affect you too much and enter your own life!

The end of the year will be full of changes! You will want to alter everything in your life. Do not be afraid of the changes, for life is a constant change. But be careful to appoint the changes that would actually improve your living.